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Vitals Reviews

  • Dr Todd Parry is a great Dr. Awesome bedside manners, Dr Parry is the whole package...humorous, he will sit down and talk with you. Not rush you! He did carpel tunnel surgery on both my hands. I haven't had a problem since. Dr. Parry was checking my knee out one visit, he sat right on the floor to do this. I new I liked him right away! I would recommend Dr. Todd Parry.
  • Extremely professional and personable. Clear explanation of my problem and future outcomes with and without surgery. I opted for surgery and am so glad I did.
  • I am 70 years old and dr. Parry is without a doubt the best dr. I have seen.He repaired my joint in my thumb and took care of me when I fell and broke my wrist. I trust him totaly with my life. Such a sweet person could be a Dr.

Healthgrades Reviews

  • Staff is friendly. Dr. Parry is professional, personable and very knowledgeable.
  • All very positive! He is the best orthopedist I've ever had. And I have many. His main office is St. George Utah however they now have a facility in Mesquite Nevada, that is where we live. My 98 yr old mom broke her hip on April 12, 2016 She was home within 3 weeks... She is doing fine, Dr. Perry is Amazing!
  • Dr. Parry is kind, funny, and overall easy to talk too. The staff is friendly and smiling. Would recommend
  • My 2 operations with Dr. Todd Parry were very pleasant experiences. He treated my husband very well and kept him informed of all the procedures that I was going through. This means a lot to me because I didn't want my husband to be ignored. Dr. Parry understood my aches and pains I was having and helped me choose the correct options to take to ease the problems I was having. So far a lot of the pains and problems are under control now. I do highly recommend him to every one I can.
  • Dr. Perry is extremely knowledgeable, explains everything in detail and on a level a lay person can easily understand. Great sense of humor too!
  • I found Dr. Parry to be totally approachable, knowledgeable, caring and qualified. When dealing with me he was totally focused on me, exhibiting concern for what I was talking about and treating me with respect. He performed a total knee replacement on me. His protocol for postoperative care is so unique, treating the patient as a whole and not just a body part, and not only relying on narcotic pain control. Within 10 days to 2 weeks postop I was walking freely without the aid of walker or cane.
  • I only went to Dr. Perry once, because I'm from out of town. However he treated me like a patient he'd seen before. He took care of the pain I was having in my hand quickly and very professionally.
  • I was very impressed by Dr. Parry and his staff. Everyone was very kind and made me feel important. All my questions and concerns were answered.
  • i would greatly reccommend Dr. todd parry for hip replacement procedure. good or bad he tells it like it is, but always with a keep your chin up positive attitude. he approaches you like he's known you for years, and nothing that has happened to you is anything we cannot fix. before we started the procedure, he tells you whats going to happen, and what to expect down line post op.. it all comes down to a successful operation and healing process.
  • I shattered my elbow on a Saturday afternoon during spring break. Dr. Parry spent 3 1/2 hours to surgically reconstruct it He explained what damage had been done and what I could expect as an outcome. Sunday morning, he was at the hospital early to make sure I was comfortable and to answer any questions. I feel very lucky that he is now my doctor. During office visits, he gives me his full attention. I feel that I am in very good hands and recommend him highly.
  • He is very knowledgeable and a great doctor. I have already recommended him to many people including my family members
  • Dr. Parry did two procedures on my dominant arm on a Friday. I was back to work with no problems 3 days later on Monday!
  • Very Professional and personable. Takes time to answer questions and makes sure you understand what to expect in your care and rehabilitation.

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